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Hi there

We are a highly professional one-man software developer team consisting of me, Christopher Gross, and the little green devil guy who just watches you.

We are geeks and live in beautiful Hamburg. Every day, we devote ourselves with passion to modern technologies in the field of web development.

You need heroic support? Let us know and together we rock your next project!

Together we are developing a concept

Would you like to present yourself on the Internet? We help you with the implementation of your new website from the beginning to the end. It does not matter which requirements you bring with you. As a rule, every wish can be implemented.

Your new design will be great

We place great emphasis on a modern and fresh design, without unnecessary and complicated controls that only To create confusion. Of course you have full control during the design phase until you are satisfied with the overall result.

We develop everything you need

We have fun programming and enjoy day by day the complicated tasks that we can quickly and effectively implement with our experience , Only modern technologies are used in our projects.

Do not worry about mistakes

Our error rate is very low because we stick to common code standards and document the code down to the smallest detail, Making it easy to understand for other developers. Every single request is tested in all current browsers until we are satisfied with it.

You decide the start

We stick to your deadline and look forward to seeing you sooner. If desired, we will also be happy to help you set up your server infrastructure.

Good support is important to us

Even after the completion of your project, As a rule, we answer all requests within 24 hours, regardless of the day of the week.

Our experiences

Here are some facts about our knowledge

Strong vocabulary in programming

We are talking fluently. If you have JavaScript, you can also use it in combination with Node.js or jQuery, also Similarly, we write HTML and CSS3 with connected eyes.

A good eye for design and usability

Design plays an important role for us as does logic in the background. Because a design with good usability, it is good if you do not have to explain to the user how the end product works.

Coding standards and documentation

For a developer, there is nothing worse than unintelligible code. Good documentation and adherence to PSR standards are part of our workflow.

Our languages


All our websites are based on the dynamic language PHP, which covers the complete logic in the background.


Almost no page comes out without JavaScript to dynamically manipulate content or improve usability.


NodeJs are usually used for very light-weight and high-performance applications, which mainly have to run in real-time.


A database is always used to store and read dynamic data. The queries are written in SQL.


HTML defines the complete structure, as well as the individual contents of a page. The design does not matter here at first.


In contrast to HTML, CSS defines the visual look of the structure. Tools like LESS and SASS also make the work easier.


For scripted processes on a server, scripts are often written in the BASH script language.

Preferred Framework

Devapage Framework

The Devapage Framework is extremely flexible, but is still under development. However, it is already in productive use.

Yii Framework

With the Yii framework, you can implement extremely fast, complex, secure and high-performance applications.

Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is a complex, but highly modular framework for writing professional applications.


Laravel is a lightweight and modular framework with which you can quickly reach your goal.


If you are traveling in the NodeJS world, there is usually no way around the minimalistic framework ExpressJS.


For the development of websites often a WordPress system is recommended, which is extremely flexible and easy to adapt.


Almost every page consists of the Boostrap Framework, which allows you to quickly create new responsive pages.

You want to tell us something?

General inquiries, praise and criticism are gladly desired

Just write to us

You are interested in creating a new website or planning your own Great individual product? Even if you do not yet know how to do your new project, you still have the ideas missing, or what is cost-technically coming to you – just write to us and we advise you.

As a rule, we will respond to you within 24 hours, regardless of the day of the week.

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