let's rock your project

Hey there!

We are a highly professional one-man software developer team consisting of me, Christopher Groß, my wife and two cats.

We are geeks and live in beautiful Hamburg. Every day we dedicate ourselves with full passion to modern technologies in the field of web development.

You need heroic support? Let us know and together we will rock your next project!

Together we develop a concept

You would like to present yourself on the internet? We help you with the implementation of your new website from start to finish. It doesn't matter what requirements you bring with you. As a rule, every wish can be realized.

Your new design will be great

We put a lot of emphasis on a modern and fresh design, without unnecessary and complicated controls, which only cause confusion. Of course you have full control during the design phase until you are satisfied with the overall result.

We develop everything you need

We enjoy programming and are happy to take on complicated tasks every day. With our experience we can implement them quickly and effectively. Only modern technologies are used in our projects.

No fear of errors

Our error rate is very low because we follow common code standards and document the code down to the smallest detail so that it is easy for other developers to understand. Every single requirement is tested in all current browsers until we are satisfied with it ourselves.

You decide the start

You have an exact deadline by when your website has to be ready? We stick to your deadline and are even happy if we are ready earlier than expected. If you wish, we can also take care of setting up your server infrastructure.

Good support is important to us

Even after the completion of your project, we will be happy to answer any questions or additional requirements you may have. We usually answer all inquiries within 24 hours, no matter what day of the week it is.

Our experience

Here are a few facts about our level of knowledge


Most websites are based on the dynamic language PHP, which covers all the logic in the background.


Almost no page can do without JavaScript to dynamically manipulate content or improve usability.


TypeScript is a type-safe language based on JavaScript, which brings many features and makes the code more error-free and understandable.


For very lightweight and high performance applications, which have to run mainly in real time, NodeJs is mostly used.


Relational databases are often needed to store and read dynamic data. The queries for this are written in SQL.


HTML is used to define the complete structure as well as the individual contents of a page. The design does not play a role here at first.


Unlike HTML, CSS defines the visual look of the structure. Tools like LESS and SASS additionally facilitate the work.


AdonisJs is a powerful framework, which is very similar to Laravel, but is based on Node.js and can therefore also be used for can be used for realtime applications.


If you are in the NodeJS world, there is usually no way around the minimalist backend framework ExpressJS.


Firebase is a BaaS development platform for mobile and web applications and allows to quickly build applications without a backend server.


Besides Angular and React, Vue.js is also a very popular client-side JavaScript web framework for building single-page web applications.


Vuetify is a powerful frontend framework with handcrafted material components for Vue.js that makes development much easier.

Ionic Framework

With the Ionic Framework your own mobile app is implemented in record time. It does not matter whether it is for iOS or Android.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is a lightweight and modular framework, with which you can reach your goal quite quickly.

Yii Framework

With the Yii Framework, complex, secure and high-performance applications can be implemented extremely quickly.

Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is a complex, yet highly modular framework that can be used to write professional applications.


Almost every site consists of the Boostrap framework, with which you can quickly create new responsive pages.


For website development, it is often recommended to use a WordPress system, which is extremely flexible and easy to customize.


If you want to run an online store, the most common choice is a Shopware system, which works quickly and reliably.


For processes running automatically on a server, the scripts are often written in the BASH scripting language.

Who we are

Here all our employees introduce themselves

Full Stack Magician


Christopher became interested in developing static websites at the age of 12. Over the years, he has become more intensively involved with programming and modern web development technologies. His focus is mainly in the areas of real-time applications, store systems and payment methods as well as encryption and security topics. As a full stack magician, he also feels very much at home in the frontend as well as the backend.

President of Revenue


She is a face reader, a real estate specialist and a budding programmer. But even when it comes to finances, Lydia keeps the upper hand. When she was a child, she often dreamed of becoming an accountant, thinking that keeping books couldn't be that difficult. Over the years, however, she realized that finance was quite different and she developed very strong analytical skills.

Bug Hunter


Every good developer needs a conscientious tester who lives to find every bug, no matter how small. In our day-to-day office life, Ori often joins our developer and looks over his back and does code review. Even though he has a lot to do during the day, he still manages to sit in on our customer video calls every now and then.

Happiness Officer


Dealing with problems all day can sometimes be frustrating. That's why it's all the more important to laugh once in a while. Yoshi is employed by us as a Happiness Officer and often puts a smile on our faces when we're not in such a good mood. He makes sure that the feel-good climate stays in order.

Our clients

We are or have been working for the following agencies and clients in the past