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Tobacco salt lattice

The kiosk at the Bohlweg

About the project

Tabak Salzgitter is a simple information page for a local kiosk store in the beautiful Salzgitter. The only requirement was that the page is accessible on all input devices and the visitor has the opportunity to contact the kiosk operators.


August 2016


Tabak Salzgitter



What we have done

Here are some facts about our tasks

Responsive design

For the project we have created the complete design individually. Here, we decided to use a combination of light and gray colors to make the layout simple and structured. The design is optimized for normal computer resolution, as well as for mobile and tablet use.

Vector illustration

Before the kiosk, a logo with graffiti art was created a long time ago. This was photographed with a very low resolution. Nevertheless, we managed to vectorize the logo completely clean, so that it can be used for the future in all sizes.

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