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The most cuddly shop for cuddly toys

About the project

The shop is well-known especially for guinea-pig owners who are looking for individualized articles for their pets. Visitors can choose from a variety of fabric combinations and choose their own text embroidery.

Each product is handmade and shipped from beautiful Hamburg.


September 2015







What we have done

Here are some facts about our tasks

Logo development

As there was no logo at the beginning of the project, we developed this at the customer’s request. At the same time, we had full freedom and decided to take a simple head of an old lady. The color is rounded off with subtle pale pastel colors.

Responsive design

For the project we have created the complete design individually. It was important to us that the layout was clear and tidy so that the buyer felt comfortable in a serious environment. The design is optimized for normal computer resolution, as well as for mobile and tablet use.

Optimized SEO content

Of course it does not matter if the page is unknown or not found by the visitor. In order to maintain a good position in the search engines, we have already made some improvements during the development phase and paid attention to typical SEO elements, which can not be missed on a page.

Customizable products

We have equipped the shop with individualizable products. Thus the customer has the possibility to select a variety of fabrics for his or her own article, simply by clicking on the desired fabric pictures below the article.

Legal security in the shop

Legal security in the shop is an important topic on the Internet. Quickly it happens that one is warned, because one important regulations neglected or not implemented. We have taken care of these small things in the creation of the shop and made the shop accordingly.

Have we sparked your interest?

Are you interested in creating a new website or are you planning your very own large individual product? Even if you do not yet know how to do your new project, you still have the ideas missing, or what is cost-technically coming to you – just write to us and we advise you.
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