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Guinea pig veterinarian

The guinea pig veterinarian assessment portal

About the project

This project is a subproject of Crazy Pigs. This is a evaluation portal for veterinarians, where one can search for doctors who have been classified as guinea pigs by other guinea pig owners. The doctor’s practices are categorized according to experience with different types of illness. Thus everyone has the opportunity to quickly find a veterinarian from his area to match the disease pattern.


July 2015





What we have done

Here are some facts about our tasks

Responsive design

For the project we have created the complete design individually. We have used a rather untypical layout, so that it is a bit more playful come over. The design is optimized for normal computer resolution, as well as for use on the mobile phone and tablet. Likewise, the page can be assembled completely via Drag & Drop.

Optimized SEO content

Of course it does not matter if the page is unknown or not found by the visitor. In order to maintain a good position in the search engines, we have already made some improvements during the development phase and paid attention to typical SEO elements, which can not be missed on a page.

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