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Abo Wind Quiz

Mini game with questions about wind energy

About the project

For the Abo Wind AG we have programmed a small example in the form of a quiz. The goal was to make the website more interesting for visitors. From the technical point of view, the game is completely configurable down to the smallest detail, without which one has to have expert knowledge.

The whole project was somewhat more interesting after a while Additional porting to a Windows application.


December 2014


Abo Wind AG



What we have done

Here are some facts about our tasks

Responsive design

The game is playable in the browser. Thus, it was important that the design is optimized for all common devices, such as normal computer resolution, as well as for use on mobile phones or tablets. The interface itself uses modern technologies to enable animations to be accelerated and therefore smoothly displayed.

Own Windows application

After the product was well received by visitors on the website, an additional follow-up project arose shortly afterwards. The game was released next to a web version, also as a Windows application with its own installer, since the game also had to be playable at trade fairs without an Internet connection.

Fully customizable

The game can be individually customized by the client via an administrative interface without the need for our help or that of an expert. It is therefore possible at any time to adjust all colors and graphics in a clear configuration menu without great expertise.

Game management

All questions in the game can be edited independently by the client. The number of response possibilities to display are also configurable and are not subject to any limits. In addition, there is a ranking system that allows a custom hit text, depending on the height of the point.

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